Sungrow SBR HV

The Sungrow SBR modular high voltage LFP battery system is a great option for residential solar storage.

With multistage protection design, plug and play installation reducing the amount of wiring required and 100% useable energy capability. Though we do recommend a reserve in case of blackouts and longevity of the system.

Industry standard warranty of up to 10 years, the Sungrow SBR series is a high performing, safe and flexible option for a home or small business owner.

Modular battery systems are an ideal solution for many as you can adapt and grow your system as your power requirements grow. Got a new appliance that you want the battery system to cover but you’re already at your battery capacity? You can easily add some more modules to cover the new load.

The Sungrow SBR system can be stacked between 9.6kw and 25.6kw in 3.2kw modules, with the potential to have up to four stacks of paralleled together to store up to 100kw capacity.

The Sungrow SBR features an advanced blackout protection called BlackStart.

This not only helps with keeping the power on after the grid goes down, but if the power goes down during the day, your system will keep operating as normal and even keep charging the battery. This is a unique feature as most grid-tied inverters will shutdown if the grid can’t supply them power.

With BlackStart you can wire up to the inverter’s capacity of circuits in your house, we recommend the lights, the fridge and freezer to keep your food safe and your tv / computers on so you can enjoy the blackout in luxury.

For each 3.2kw module in a stack, the storage capacity increases, the power delivery rate increases as well as the operating voltage range.

3 modules, would equate to 9.6kw of storage, power delivery of 5.6kw and a voltage range of 150-219V
This means you can have 9.6kw of power delivered over 1.92 hours (1h 55 mins) with a  5kw inverter, and 1.72 hours (1h 43 mins) with a 10kw inverter)

In comparison to 8 modules, which would give you 25.6kw of storage, a power delivery of 15.36kw and a voltage range of 400-584V, this would cover you for 5.12 hours (5h 7 mins) with a 5kw inverter and 2.56 hours (2h 34 mins) with a 10kw inverter.

Unlike older generation non modular designs, the Sungrow SBR HV takes up less space when adding more storage capacity.

With a width of 625mm, a depth of 330mm and a base height of 545mm with 3 modules, increasing by 130mm per module.

Depending on your power bills and system size, we will make a recommendation that would suit you best to cover as much power and with as minimal over spending as possible.

You sure can! To add more modules we just need to decide how many, fill out an application to expand the system, and the accredited electrician will add the modules and commission.

We’ll handle the prep work remotely prior to the add-on to make sure -your system is ready for the new additions.

You can, but we don’t recommend it. As for all companies who claim you can use 100% on batteries, it is not great for their lifespan to deplete to 0%.
We recommend having at least 10-20% reserve, which will keep your batteries healthier for longer and leave some in case of a blackout.

Whilst the Sungrow BlackStart back up feature for the Sungrow systems is fairly advanced in comparison to some of its competitors, it does have some drawbacks that most systems face.

You are limited to the inverter capacity of circuits allowed on the backup. Example, if you have a 5kw inverter, your backup circuit total is capped at 5kw, just as 10kw of circuits is allowed on the 10kw inverter.

We always put on the lights, and recommend, the fridge freezer, and tv / office computers. 
This may require some items to be moved from their current circuits as fridges often share circuits with microwaves and toasters which exceed the backup circuit total and can trip your power when used together.

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