Smarter Summer Savings! Keep your bills down this summer.

Summer is the time of year when our energy bills tend to rise. And, with so many other living expenses on the rise by 2023, the last thing we need is less savings.

We’ve compiled a list of simple, practical tips to help you increase your energy efficiency this summer and save money on your energy bills.

Save Money By Skipping The Aircon

There are several natural ways to keep your home cool before turning on the air conditioner, the majority of which are simple. What does it matter? because air conditioners consume a lot of electricity (and quickly increase your energy bill).

Feel The Breeze

Encourage cross breezes in your home, which is perhaps the simplest – and thus often overlooked – idea.

Open a door or a window, but don’t stop there; open another on the opposite side of the room or house. Then relax and enjoy the breeze.

Fans - A Breeze on a Budget

Fans are far less expensive to run than air conditioners and are extremely cooling when you can get close to them.
They’re also an excellent option for cooling down at night when you don’t want your energy bill to skyrocket due to the A/C.

Insulation, Cracks and Crannies.

Insulation is often overlooked because it is hidden behind ceilings and walls. However, ensuring that you have adequate coverage in your roof space is a powerful way to boost any cooling you create in your home.
Check for any gaps or leaks around windows and doors while you’re at it. Door snakes or other items that stop the cooler escaping are amazing and cheap as well.

Block The Windows

Even if your windows are not directly exposed to sunlight, they can magnify and transmit heat from the outside into your home.
External shading (such as awnings, shutters, and deciduous trees) is the best option, but you can also invest in double glazing.
The next best – and simplest – way to repel daytime heat is to close windows and blinds.

Early Bird Beats The Sun

If you know there will be a heat wave during the day, try turning on your air conditioner first thing in the morning when the house is already cooler.
This method can also save you money because it reduces the amount of energy required by your air conditioner to cool your home.
Keep it no lower than 24 degrees, as any lower and the cost will quickly add up.

Then employ the strategies outlined above to keep the cool air in and heat hot air outside!

Appliances Heat The Home

While we’re talking about using appliances strategically, consider the ones that generate extra heat in your home.

Try cooking a BBQ outside instead of using the oven or the grill on those hotter days.

Is it really necessary to have the television on? These large appliances generate additional heat, so think about what you really need.

Solar Power Saves The Day

If it’s hot, there’s probably plenty of sun. A solar power system will definitely help out, especially during summer.

Providing plenty of power to help run the aircon and other appliances is one of the most cost effective ways to keep your bills down.

If you want to look into getting solar power for your property, click here!

If you already have solar power, here are a few suggestions for making the most of your solar investment.

Test Out The Timers

This one may seem obvious, but it’s very important to make the most of it.
When you use your electrical appliances during the sunniest part of the day, you’re using your own generated power from the sun’s energy rather than buying it from the grid’s.

Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., use dishwashers, washing machines, ovens, and air conditioners where possible. 

If you’re not home to start them, most appliances have a timer that you can set to start while the sun is shining.

Get Off The Gas

While we’re talking about increasing the efficiency of your electrical appliances during peak sunlight hours, consider whether there are any appliances that could be converted from gas to electric.

Some of the easiest and most efficient options to save on gas is to swap the hot water system for a heat pump hot water system, and swap the gas cooker for an induction cooktop.

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Batteries Are The Best

One of the best ways overall to save money on energy consumption is to install a SolarOak solar power battery system. We have you covered from grid power outages, optimal power savings, EV charger with solar compatibility as appliances with applications through out the home that turn your house into a self-sufficient energy hub. 

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