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Solar power is a great investment for your home. We have a wide range of packages to get you started.

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We will only ever send a fully licensed electrician and accredited solar installer for all installations or service work. All regulations are met and everything is installed up to code.

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What is a Solar Power System and How Does It Work?

Solar panels (Photovoltaic or PV’s) convert sunlight (solar radiation) into electricity by using semiconductors. When the sunlight hits the semiconductors in a PV cell, electrons are freed and bus bars (metallic strips) collect the electrons and the result is electricity.

When installing a solar power system on your property, the goal is to save money over time by reducing your power bills. A standard 6.6kw system (the recommended minimum) should take you approximately 3-4 years to get a return on your initial investment.

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What Products should I get?

For any solar power system, you will need an inverter (the brain of your system), some panels to generate the electricity and a few other components like mounting brackets, railing and other electrical equipment as well as an optional upgrade called a smart meter.

There is a huge number of products on the market, and whilst manufacturing has improved vastly it is important to consider a few key factors.

Things to consider

 You need something that’s going to work, it must operate day in day out in the harsh Australian sun and to get the best results it needs to be good.

There is an acceptable industry standard of what is considered a good warranty. For panels, you want at least 12 years, and 10 years for the inverter, railing and if you’re considering battery storage, then 10 years on batteries.

You do not need to spend a fortune to get a good solar power system. After considering the STC (small-scale technology certificate) incentives reducing the total price, expect to pay between $3500-$4500 for a good solid 6.6kw system. Bear in mind, tiled roofs, two story houses and 3 phase households typically have a few additional charges.

Sometimes things can go wrong. When it does, life is considerably easier if the company you need to get in touch with provides support to Australia.

At SolarOak, we take all these into consideration when recommending products, and will not offer or endorse anything we ourselves wouldn’t want to be a part of. When you purchase a system through us, it’s a journey we take together, and we’re fully committed to making it as trouble free as possible for you and ourselves.

Reasons to get a battery system

Benefits of SolarOak Design

We push the DC Hybrid Solar Power Systems to their full potential to help get the most out of the battery system.

The upfront investment is typically more, but the overall output is considerably higher. Most companies only offer the 6.6kw standard system with a battery and do not provide the option for oversizing the system. Oversizing your solar systems allows you to take maximum advantage of the available sunlight hours during the day especially during the winter months.

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Smart Meter

A smart meter is an additional and optional (in most cases) device that relays additional information back and forth between the meter board and the solar inverter.

With a smart meter you get to see your household consumption, what you’ve sent back to the grid (exported) and what you have consumed from the grid. This information can help you maximize your system’s potential and save you money by knowing when you can freely use more power or reduce consumption to spend less.

Sungrow Black Start - Batteryless Backup

Sungrow hybrid systems come with the option to include the Black Start backup feature. If the grid turns off, normally the solar inverter turns off as it’s directly powered by the grid, Sungrow hybrid systems will use your solar power generation to keep operating and provide selected appliances with power through out the power outage.

If you include a battery later on, the Black Start will also charge your battery in a power outage with any excess power.

Optional Online Monitoring

We offer online monitoring for most systems we sell as an additional after-sale-care feature.

This allows us to check the status and productivity of your system, so you know it’s working optimally. When connected to our portal, if any issues arise requiring attention, fault reporting becomes a lot easier and results in getting problems solved faster.

Adding your system to our portal is easy, optional and free.

Package your solar panel installation with a roof restoration

The Benefits

The main benefit of us pairing a roof restoration with a solar panel installation is the paint seal of your roof will not be compromised when the solar brackets are installed. We ensure the permanent unbroken seal/membrane on your roof remains intact as we install all the solar brackets before the repainting of the roof commences.

Protect Your Warranty

Solar hot water is a great way to heat up your hot water, significantly reducing heating costs. Choose between a roof mounted system or a tank on the ground with panels on the roof. Consult us for best quality solar system and heat pumps.

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Our Process


We recommend potential customers to research products and companies. If you don’t know where to start feel free to ask us, we’ll happily give you some recommendations based on your own circumstances and where to learn more about them.


If you’re ready to invest in a solar power system, after speaking to someone from our team, we’ll send you a formal quote with some product information. We’ll complete your Synergy and Western Power applications (required to be eligible for connection and STC incentives) on your behalf, you’ll also receive updates regarding this process. This process can take between 1-15 business days depending on quickly your application is processed.


We’ll then work out an install date with you, install your system and set you up with an app to monitor your system. We notify the completion to Western Power who then may want to take additional action, but typically will approve the installation and you’re ready to start saving.

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