Solar Power Battery Storage

Create and use your own power day and night!

Sungrow Hybrid Battery Storage Installation

Benefits of a SolarOak Solar Power Battery Storage System

– Save money by lowering your energy bills
– Using eco friendly power helps the planet
– Blackout protection + battery-less BlackStart backup
– Free online monitoring, performance reports and remote support
– Experienced and accredited installers
– Finance options available
– Access to assistance every day

The SolarOak promise to our customers

– All products used in our packages are high quality & reliable
– In-depth knowledge of the products we offer
– After-sales support well beyond the point of sale
– Warranties claim support and assistance
– Innovative research into the best products on the market

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My Average Bill is approx $300
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Solar Battery Storage System Of The Month

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Sungrow Battery Storage Solution

Sungrow hybrid inverter battery systems are one of the most feature packed cost effective packages the market. With the release of their new EV charger, you could have a whole home energy monitoring system that displays all incoming and outgoing power all through one simple, easy to use app.

Some of the key features are:

Modular Battery Design – 25.6kw per stack, up to 4 stacks.
High voltage (HV) power output to support high load demands
Easy navigation online portal (mobile app compatible)
Advanced online remote support and control to adjust settings
EV charger support. Able to view and control through same app as solar
Great warranty, performance and reliability across all compatible products

Data Sheet & Technical Specifications

Sungrow Hybrid Battery Storage Installation

Sungrow Online Portal App Examples

Sungrow Data with No Smart Meter
Sungrow Data with No Smart Meter
Sungrow Data With Smart Meter
Sungrow Data With Smart Meter

Solar Power Battery Tier Packages

Tier 1 - Starter Package

For homes looking to start out with a battery system or low power consumption.

Tier 2 - Flexi Package

For homes with larger power consumption and capability to expand system as their needs grow.

Tier 3 - Premium Package

For homes looking to be as self-sufficient as possible. Custom designed systems designed to reduce consumption by approximately 90%

Should You Get A Solar Power Battery System?

Battery Systems Are More Affordable Than You Might Think

Despite popular belief, battery technology is now available! And it’s becoming more of a valuable investment than you might think…

Solar panels, on their own, will only allow you to switch to renewable energy while the sun is shining, meaning all the power you use at night you’re paying for. 

However, by adding a battery, you can now create and store your own solar energy, and then use it after the sun goes down, allowing your household to be more environmentally friendly and self-sufficient.

Sick Of Power Outages - Blackout Protection Is Available

Battery backup systems provide additional protection against power outages. Whereas most systems shut down when they lose power from the grid, a few have the capability to operate solely on solar power. This is referred to as BlackStart backup.

Selected electrical circuits in the home can be wired up to this BlackStart backup feature in Sungrow hybrid systems. In the event of a power outage, they will continue to operate for as long as the panels are producing enough power or the battery is charged.

In a blackout, you can even charge the battery during the day to use later when the sun goes down.

SolarOak Services

Heat Pumps

A heat pump an amazing hot water system alternative. These very efficient units heat the water by working like a fridge in reverse and in doing so are incredibly cost effective.

Can be set to operate during solar generation only hours and then pay next to nothing for heating hot water.

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water is a great way to heat up your hot water, significantly reducing heating costs.

Choose between a roof mounted system or a tank on the ground with panels on the roof.
Consult us for best quality solar system and heat pumps.

Water Filtration

The solution to getting cleaner, better tasting water and protecting your homes tap ware and water based appliances from Perth’s water.

Multiple filtration systems available for all different purposes.


We offer a great range of reverse cycled split and ducted air-conditioning systems.

With advanced control systems as well as smart home hub integration options available, let us keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

We are happy to help!

Fill in the form below and we'll be in touch for a free assessment and obligation free quote to see how a battery system could benefit you.

My Average Bill is approx $300
Help us understand your energy needs.

We install quality products that improve quality of living, whether it be from reduced power bills, heating costs, water quality or a new beautifully restored roof for your home.

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