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The SolarOak Difference

SolarOak are a Perth based team that you can rely on to deliver outstanding workmanship and excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on our high-quality work and value the long-standing relationships we have established with many of our customers. We’ve been installing and restoring for over 10 years and have dedicated our business ideologies to strive for quality and providing our customers with great value products and services.

While Australian roof’s are built to an exceptionally high standard, over time even the best built roof may be in need of a roof restoration. Roof restorations come in all shapes and sizes. Each restoration process depends on the type of roof you have. It can range from re-pointing, sealing and coating through to ridge capping repairs, replacing tiles, painting gutters, downpipes and more.

Over time paint fades or peels, pointing crumbles and other forms of degradation ruins the integrity of your roof, the barrier between the rest of your home and the elements. Using premium quality materials, a roof restoration with SolarOak will keep your roof in great condition for years to come.

The main benefit of us pairing them together is it won’t compromise the paint seal when the solar brackets are installed, as they are installed before painting commences, ensuring a permanent unbroken seal/membrane on your roof.​

Installing solar panels after the restoration, requires tiles to be pulled up, ruining the integrity of the work by breaking the seal, risking scratches and damages to the roof restoration, possibly avoiding warranty, explained below.​

  • Replace any broken or cracked tiles, repair any holes / leaks.
  • Full hydroblast cleaning of all roof surfaces
  • Fully repoint the entire roof ridge line.
  • Preparation of solar install, including brackets, railing and pre-laying of electrical cables. (if paired with solar package)
  • Application of primer – single coat.
  • Application of selected colour of paint – two coats.
  • Waiting for a 7 day curing process to complete.
  • Return to install and commission solar panels, once the 7 day curing process is finished.
  • Set up wifi / apps if applicable.

All roof restorations come with a 12 year paint warranty, and 7 year workmanship warranty.
We offer Dulux or Nutech’s paint range, which is the highest quality paint on the market, that’s perfectly suited to the harsh Australian weather.

When we package the solar power and roof restoration processes together, there is no risk of any warranty issues or voiding, as no 3rd party entities have been used.
If a separate entity is used for roof installations during or after we have completed a roof restoration it may void the warranty of the roof restoration work. 

Basic Restoration Package

  • Pressure wash clean the roof
  • Replace tiles
  • Repointing of ridges
  • Clean the gutters
  • Fix leaks
  • Other services upon discussion

Premium Restoration Package

  • Basic Package contents
  • Valley repairs /  replacements
  • Remove/Reinstall Roof Utilities
    (if applicable / possible)
  • Coat of Dulux or Nutech Primer 
    (specific to your roofs needs)
  • 2 x Coats of Dulux or Nutech paint 
    (Colour of your choice)
  • Other services upon discussion

Re Roofing

Restoration just won’t cut it?

We can organise a custom quote tailored for your house and needs to re-roof your house.

Please contact us to organise a quote for this service.

Additional Services

Heavy Moss Requires Additional Treatment with Additional Charges.​

Price is situational based on each customers needs and offered on negotiation​.

Terracotta, previously painted, highly absorbent tiles and tiles coated with PVA require specific primers with additional costs

Package Deals

Save money and a headache

We know how painful it can be to organise multiple trades to work together. By purchasing multiple services through us you can forget the stress an save some money as well.

Save up to 10%

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Looking to Finance?

 SolarOak has partnered up with Brighte to help our customers find additional payment solutions for their projects.

Brighte’s Green loans offer a 5.89%pa for energy efficient systems, which is applicable on all solar power and hot water systems we offer.

Just let one of our friendly staff members know if you’re looking to finance, and we’ll work with you to find which solution works best for you.

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