I-Heat evacuated tube system + Electric Booster + Ground mount tank

Tank Capacity



Evacuated tubes deliver superior performance, performing better, than conventional flat plate collectors, generating more hot water for longer periods throughout the day. An I-Heat Evacuated tube system can reduce your water heating bills by up to 80%.

Utilising the latest state-of-the-art evacuated tube solar thermal technology, i-Heat Evacuated Tubes provide outstanding solar contribution no matter what climate your homes situated in. 

The natural cylindrical absorber shape of Evacuated Tubes allows longer daily exposure to our Australian Sun. i-Heat’s Evacuated glass tubes consist of 2mm thick glass which has been impacted tested to withstand a 25mm hail stone at 85km/h. Level 2 (-15Deg) frost protection without the use of glycol, ensures maximum heat transfer and piece of mind for the cooler regions of Australia. 

The superior performance of the i-Heat 315L 30 Tube with Electric Boost allows for greater flexibility during installation. Lightweight compared to other solar hot water systems, i-Heat Evacuated Tubes are easy to install and do not require reinforcing of your roof structure. 

The full range of i-Heat’s Evacuated tube systems are eligible for the Australian Governments Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) which assists with the out of pocket costs of bringing true value & quality solar thermal products to Australian households.


Price Pending Assessment
  • Full Installation
  • Old System Removed
  • Includes Gov. Incentives / Rebate