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Perth's Most Popular Heat Pump


The 200L Enviroheat heat pump is a perfect option for 1-4 persons.
Need to replace a gas or electric storage? The heat pump makes for a simple and cost effective water heating solution offering some of the best value for money on the market.

Fully Installed $2850


The 250L Enviroheat makes for a more suitable hot water system for larger families of 3+ persons.

The same low cost efficient system and amazing value but with a larger storage capacity. 

Fully Installed $3190

The ENVIROHEAT energy efficient hot water heaters use heat pump technology, a leap forward in energy efficiency and is now available in Australia.
Produced by the world’s largest appliance manufacturer, the system was initially introduced into Europe over a decade ago and has proven performance in temperatures as low as -7°C.

It offers the best performance of any system in its class with up to a massive 71% saving in energy when compared to a conventional water heater.

The Enviroheat system has undergone rigorous testing and has been certified by the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator.
Enviroheat’s inclusion to the CER Register allows you to claim generous government rebates and dramatically reduces your investment.

The Enviroheat HP series has an advanced control system that is feature packed and above all, easy to use.
It can be programmed to maximize the use of roof top solar power systems whilst not compromising a plentiful supply of steaming hot water when you need it.
The automatic sanitization feature ensures that your family is safe from legionella and other water-borne bacteria.

The combination of whisper quiet operation, smart controls, superior UV protection and generous government rebates makes Enviroheat the natural choice for an energy efficient home.

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