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If you are interested in learning more about solar batteries and our battery storage options, get in touch for a no-obligation chat. We will help you assess your needs and help you choose the right battery solution for your needs.


Battery Storage from $9790

iStore 5kw

Battery Storage from $11190

Modular solar battery storage systems are made up of multiple individual battery modules that can be combined to create a system of any size. This makes them very scalable and flexible. Modular systems are also easier to install and maintain, as individual modules can be easily replaced if they fail.

GoodWe Battery Storage options


From $9390 – Includes activation code

Growatt battery storage system

GROWATT 5.12kw

From $5490

Simple solar battery storage systems are made up of a single battery unit. They are less expensive than modular systems, but they are also less scalable and flexible. Simple systems can be more difficult to install and maintain, as the entire battery unit must be replaced if it fails.


From $13990

SENEC V3 Solar Power Battery Storage

SENEC V3 Battery 10kw

$12000 Fully installed – Stock Clearance Promo

The Sungrow SBR modular high voltage LFP battery system is a great option for residential solar storage.

With multistage protection design, plug and play installation reducing the amount of wiring required and 100% useable energy capability. Though we do recommend a reserve in case of blackouts and longevity of the system.

Industry standard warranty of up to 10 years, the Sungrow SBR series is a high performing, safe and flexible option for a home or small business owner.

Modular battery systems are an ideal solution for many as you can adapt and grow your system as your power requirements grow. Got a new appliance that you want the battery system to cover but you’re already at your battery capacity? You can easily add some more modules to cover the new load.

The Sungrow SBR system can be stacked between 9.6kw and 25.6kw in 3.2kw modules, with the potential to have up to four stacks of paralleled together to store up to 100kw capacity.

The Sungrow SBR features an advanced blackout protection called BlackStart.

This not only helps with keeping the power on after the grid goes down, but if the power goes down during the day, your system will keep operating as normal and even keep charging the battery. This is a unique feature as most grid-tied inverters will shutdown if the grid can’t supply them power.

With BlackStart you can wire up to the inverter’s capacity of circuits in your house, we recommend the lights, the fridge and freezer to keep your food safe and your tv / computers on so you can enjoy the blackout in luxury.

NB: Emergency Solar Management (WA Gov)

New/upgraded solar PV and battery installations with an inverter capacity of 5kW or less will need to be capable of being remotely turned down or switched off in emergency situations… (read more here)

Last updated: 28 February 2023
sungrow battery storage system

Pictured: Modular Sungrow battery system. Read our article about solar battery storage pricing and how solar batteries are rapidly becoming more affordable right here in Perth.

Package Deals

Save money and a headache

We know how painful it can be to organise multiple trades to work together. By purchasing multiple services through us you can forget the stress an save some money as well.

Some states do offer rebates for solar batteries. In WA however there is no rebate in the foreseeable future for adding a battery to your solar power system.

Subject to Synergy approval, you will most likely still be eligible for DEBS, providing you don’t increase your inverter capacity over 5kw, don’t export battery power back to the grid and still meet Synergy’s terms and conditions. 

In almost every case, yes is the answer. Selling electricity back at $0.0025 – $0.01 is seldom worth ever having to pay for power at $0.28+.

The typical average rate for buy back ends up being 4c per kw, which usually totals $40 per bill.  With a bigger system, if you can even shave off an extra 3kw per day (99% of the time this will be done before lunch), you will have saved more than you would have been credited.

The amount of battery storage you can have is limited to the products you have selected.

For example: Sungrow has a minimum of 9.6kw, and a maximum of 25.6kw per stack with a maximum of 4 stacks.

Where as SENEC is a simple solution ideal for the average household and has a maximum of 10kw.

Not directly, they are inherently 2 seperate systems working together and thus don’t directly impact each other beyond specific product limitations.

Solar PV systems are presented in terms of kW. This is the maximum peak power that the combined system can produce under Standard Test Conditions.

Battery systems are sized in terms of kWh, which reflects supply capacity over time. The peak power of a battery is frequently determined by the connected inverter.

For example: A 6.6kw system can be expected to produce 30kWh per day.
So installing over 30kWh of batteries with just a 6.6kw solar system wouldn’t be a great investment.

This ultimately depends on how you use your power. 
If you can provide us with as many recent power bills as possible, we can run the maths and work out a good average benchmark to get the maximum amount of savings.

Thanks to WA having net metering, you can install single phase options, which will feed one phase, then essentially cover you on the other phases for the excess power.

However, backup features will only support the phase/s that’s connected, which means a single phase system on a 3 phase supply will only backup 1 of the 3 phases.

Installing a DC coupled hybrid system like Sungrow, will operate normally and backup all 3 phases perfectly fine.

You sure can, doing this is called AC Coupling. Where a battery has an inbuilt inverter and they indirectly communicate to provide your home power. An example of this is the SENEC V3 Hybrid Home System or a Tesla PowerWall.

Alternatively you can replace the existing inverter with a hybrid model, gain access to the additional hybrid features and connect the respective battery, this can often lead to a more powerful and diverse system.
This is known as DC Coupling.

Pricing for solar & battery packages is determined by many factors.
Tin or tiled roof brackets incur different costs, roof shapes, sizes, distances vary and materials on a job by job basis can also vary, as every home, situation and electrical switchboard is different.

We have you covered. You can call us directly and we’ll arrange everything for you. You will also receive a job pack that has all the installation details, product information and serial number photos, everything you need to complete a warranty claim.

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